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August 29, 2013
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CH: Rosalynn by minjei CH: Rosalynn by minjei
M-my new (4th..) character for the group /hides....


Name: Rosalynn Heldrungen
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Faction: Heart
Role: The Prim Lilac Rose

- Proficient with two-handed swords: She was trained by her father, who possessed a great amount of knowledge regarding two-handed swords. Her strikes are dangerous, but due to her sword’s weight, she isn’t very agile and can be prone to giving her opponent an opening if not careful.

Weapon: Zweihänder – A two-handed sword with a silver blade given to her from her father and it was crafted specifically for her. She always carries it around with her, holding it by the sheath when unused.

+ Two-handed swords
+ Roses
+ Children

- Selfish people
- Her brother
- The Spade faction

+ Courteous
+ Good listener
+ Chivalrous
+ Selfless to an extent

- Isn’t very talkative
- Lacks backbone; doesn’t express her own opinions or thoughts
- …Poor on giving advice
- Can give poor first impressions due to her lack of expressions and lack of words
- Sheltered and has a lack of knowledge about the other factions
- Hard to let go of grudges

Rosalynn is polite and respectful towards others, referring to them as “miss” or “sir”. She was taught formal etiquette and manners by her mother, but sometimes she may come off as sounding too stiff because she’s not used to having normal conversations. She is relatively reserved and usually doesn’t express her own honest feelings. While she of her family and its history, she isn’t the type to boast. She actually prefers to be the listener, which she is very capable of. However, she is quite terrible at giving advice, especially if it’s romantic relationship issues because she’s never experienced anything of the sort. The only advice she can give out is if they’re related to two-handed swords…
She emanates a calm and serious aura, but compliments regarding her appearance often catch her off-guard and bewilder her. In most circumstances, she would try to brush them off, not because she doesn’t like them, but she thinks they’re unusual and unexpected. She is more used to being complimented on her sword techniques.

She has a strong sense of justice, and even though she is contracted to a family, she can’t bear to be a bystander when there’s trouble.
Because she grew up in a sheltered lifestyle, she’s naïve. She’s naturally curious and likes to try out new and different things. She has never set foot outside the Heart faction, although that’s soon to change. This makes her secretly anxious to explore and learn about the other factions through first-hand experience…

…An exception would be the Spade faction, however. She is bitter about that particular faction and will openly show it. If she finds someone belonging to the Spade faction, she won’t hesitate to draw her sword. She holds a grudge against them—all because of a single person. Because of him, she strongly believes that everyone within the Spade faction is cruel, dishonorable, and despicable. When she has a grudge against someone, it’s very difficult for her to take it back.

Born and raised in the Heart faction, Rosalynn grew up with her mother, father, and older brother. Their family has a long history of being knights and serving nobles, and Rosalynn's older brother was expected to continue the tradition. Meanwhile, Rosalynn was given a much different path. Because of her gender, Rosalynn would instead be groomed into a suitable woman and marry a swordsman. This was the path for most of the women in the Heldrungen family.

Willing to uphold the tradition for the sake of her family, she had no objections. Meanwhile, her brother disagreed. He was disgusted by the fact that his entire life was already prepared and was essentially living for others. He openly admitted that he desired to shape his own life and live for himself--and not for some silly tradition. But his resistance was only met with harsh words and equally harsh punishment, and he was forced to abide his parents’ orders.

Training for both Rosalynn and her brother began when they reached adolescence. She would stay home and learn how to act like a lady by her mother, while her father and brother spent most of their time outside, training on how to use the sword. This repetitive routine continued to for several years. Rosalynn's brother seemed to have succumbed to his fate, as he was obedient and followed all of his father's instructions. Soon enough, his skill with two-handed swords was becoming quite impressive.
During her breaks, Rosalynn couldn't help but notice her brother practice from outside her window. At first they were mere passing glances, but then those glances became curious stares. It didn't take long for her brother to realize that she was practically gawking near the window, and with their parents away for a while, he asked her to step outside. Even though they lived together, they weren't able to spend much time with each other because of their strict routines. It'd be nice to have a small chat between siblings.

Rosalynn stepped out and approached her brother, eyes fixated on his two-handed sword. Even without words, her brother can easily tell how curious she was. He offered her to hold it, which surprised Rosalynn. She never imagined that she would be given the opportunity, but she couldn't refuse. Her curiosity beckoned her to hold it, and with her brother's guidance, she held a sword for the first time.

To Rosalynn, it was one of her most memorable days. Her whole life, she was taught to be elegant, delicate, and lady-like, completely opposite from what her brother was learning. After that day, she continued to obediently listen to her mother's lectures, but in the back of her mind she wanted to hold the sword again. Eventually, she boldly approached her brother and asked him to give her private lessons on how to swing the sword. Her brother's first reaction was complete shock, almost convinced he heard differently. But Rosalynn's determined eyes were evident that he wasn’t crazy. With an amused laugh, he agreed, happy to see that his younger sister wasn't someone without a backbone after all. Plus, training together is better than training alone, right?

Whenever their parents told them that they would return home late, the two of them knew that it’d be the perfect time to train together. This secret routine continued for almost two years.

During another one of their secret training sessions, her brother spoke to Rosalynn about his plans, which he’s been keeping a secret for many years. He confessed to her that after his training his over, he'll run away. His dream was to not become a knight and serve a family, but to become a free-spirited swordsman who wanders around and duals against other swordsmen for fun. It was the reason why he pretended to agree that he was willing to follow their family's tradition. Like he once mentioned before, to live for another person’s sake was revolting.

He hoped that Rosalynn would understand. He even suggested that they could run away together so they could both live however they wished. Rosalynn didn't answer immediately, but she told him that she’d keep it in mind. Deep down, she was...terrified. This whole time, her brother had no intentions to follow the tradition. He feigned his willingness just so he could learn how to use a sword and run, throwing out and stomping on their father’s efforts. All for his own selfish desires. She also realized she was close to doing the same. Tremendous amount of guilt grew within her, and on the day his father proudly announced that her brother had finished his training, she revealed his secret plan.

It was difficult to tell who was more upset that day. Their father felt betrayed. His own son deceived him and was this close to running away and shaming their family. Her brother he also felt betrayed--he trusted Rosalynn. He thought she was different. He thought she was also sick of being chained by tradition and living for someone else. Their father immediately contracted him and his services to a noble family. He had to leave their home shortly after.

Rosalynn never forgot her brother’s enraged expression the day he left.

For a long time, the air at home was suffocating with tension and anxiety. Her parents had grown suspicious of Rosalynn, wondering if her brother had secretly infected her with his selfish thoughts. Fortunately for them, Rosalynn seemed committed to following the life she was given. She hadn't thought about picking up a sword ever again, and soon life started to return to its normal routine.

...Until the noble that her brother was contracted to made an appearance. Not even a year has passed since her brother began to serve them, and the noble frantically claimed that their knight was uncontrollable and the contract had to be broken. Apparently, he destroyed one of his servant's clockheart out of rage and was forced into the Spade faction. The news surprised everyone, especially Rosalynn. Even though she was sheltered in all her life, it was impossible to not hear about the Spade faction. From what she was told, everyone within that faction was ruthless, cruel killers. She couldn't believe that her own brother would go as far as to kill and destroy another person's clockheart--not out of defense, but by his own selfishness. His actions would never be justified or forgiven.

Rosalynn's family was at a complete loss. They couldn’t believe that this was their own son. Not to mention that this would be the first generation where the Heldrungen family had no knight, adding even more shame into their family's reputation. What were they going to do now?

"...I'll become a knight."

Rosalynn’s words left her parents speechless. Their daughter…a knight? They never imagined hearing those words, but in this desperate situation, they accepted their daughter’s offer. Training began immediately, but her father was surprised that she already knew how to hold a sword. Rosalynn lied and claimed that it was because she shares the blood of a great ex-knight (her father). Because of her secret training with her brother, it only took a few years to finish her training. It was also great for the family as well, because they were desperate to quickly have Rosalynn be under the contract of a noble.

After some time had passed, the family was finally contacted by a certain noble who was interested in the family's Prim Lilac Rose...

- She secretly hopes that she could find her brother and confront him. Rosalynn is still very upset with him.
- She feels strange whenever a noble or someone powerful addresses her formally. She doesn’t think of herself as equals with them and prefers if they don’t use any titles when they say her name.


Lovely uniform design by *yueru!! ; v ; <33333
Thank you ~Lazulight for helping me with her role! ; ~ ; <33333
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